Sunday September 14

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The day slipped away today- again. Meant to get this done earlier, but really wasn't on here alot today.

Made cookies and muffins to freeze, did some packing of the RV for the trip (finishing that tomorrow), and just had the usual things to do around the house. 

Some of you may have noticed that I had started, very briefly selling a lifestyle health product, but after doing some posting locally, realized it just wasn't going to work, BUT I did like the product personally. I'm still wanting to try a home business though and have my sights set on something else that will be more to my liking I think and a bit more of something I may like better- so will fill you all in soon! It will also be an opportunity for many of you to try your own home business for FREE without any sign up fees or kits to buy!

We still have our skidoo listed on the Buy and Sell locally but still no sale.So not sure if it's the price at this point or cause there isn't any snow yet. Also listed our truck. 

I told Gerry it is such a big expense for payments and insurance that we definitely could use that money towards something else to get out of debt faster. So the plan is sell the truck and buy something of lesser value, but still reliable. Sold some bricks from one of our elevated flower beds, that really was getting over grown by trees and flowers also just weren't doing too well in it. Gerry said there were tons and tons of ants in it. 

He'll be taking it down soon, and just adding more trees in that spot. The trees in the yard are nice- nice for privacy and just the general look of the yard.We have quite a few in the back. The fence that goes all around the yard is getting older but it's so costly to replace that, so Ria had an idea that rather than sink money or bonus money into replacing it, just fix what needs to be replaced, and really, she has a point. My frugal-er than me daughter!

Well, must rush off.. still some computer stuff to do before I go to bed. We'll be on the road later tomorrow, once Gerry is off work. I'll spend part of the day tomorrow just getting the rest of what we need to take, all packed up. I must say I do prefer this way of travelling than having to contend with airports, customs and some air plane seats!


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