Some Updates: Saturday- September 6

Saturday, September 6, 2014

We've had second thoughts on going to Jasper this week because of the weather turning colder and snow in the forecast. So now we're going to go the following week. Temperatures look much better as well as evening/overnight as well.

The RV is very nice, and have put most of our things in it- the basics- but Monday will finish loading. I'll have to get you all some pictures of the inside soon. We just have enough space in the back for it- it's 34'. (That's the neighbor's tree behind it and one of their trucks)

We were at the Habitat Re-Store today looking for something else, and I spotted a lounge chair I was able to make a deal on for $6 ( tax included). I was quite happy with this! Gerry scrubbed it, hosed it off and now it's just drying outside.

Sold all my stepping stones today too from the rock garden. Next year we'll be just putting grass there. Sold some sheets from the old RV, and a comfort set and hamburger press today. That $$ went towards the new comforter set for the RV. Still short $20 to break even on that "trade off".

We also cut back on our daily Winnipeg Free Press that Gerry was getting home delivered- was costing us $30 a month. Just going to keep the Saturday paper now. He would read the daily papers before work each day before, but the weekend paper has enough in it that he can separate it to use for the week to read. I like the coupons that most Saturday papers have- but don't read the paper. Do get the daily town paper though 3 days a week for a dollar a day. Mom and dad get it after me.

Next year I think I am going to get Quicken. It will help me keep more track of expenses and see things in front of me better, rather than just in the cheque book. It looks like good budgeting software. Does anyone else use it or ever use it?

Washed all Jakey's toys this week. He doesn't play with them like he used to but does get playful with them from time to time. 

Gerry has to buy 1 or 2 more months insurance on the RV this week, our trailer insurance needs another $229 this quarter for insurance, and his truck needs it's package policy renewed, so looks like insurance will be getting a big portion of our $$ this week.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend though. I wish the sun had more heat in it and  I didn't have to have the furnace on already but other than that, we're doing good here. 


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