Some Jasper Adventures We Must Check Out!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

On our upcoming trip west we are looking forward to 'living on the edge' a little bit while still staying safely tucked. We will be getting our adrenaline going on the Glacier Skywalk which separates us from a 918 foot drop. From this sky walk you can view birds soaring above the sky, majestic waterfalls, wildlife and fossils.

The edge cliff walkway is full of nature-inspired exhibits. You can look around at nature like it was meant to be seen thousands of years ago. Who knew that you could travel through time so easily? You can see some alpine and glacial vistas. In such a tough terrain it is wonderful to see the great ways that nature can adapt and shift in order to survive.

However, the glass floor observation is a must for anyone. You will feel like you are gliding on air as you explore the world literally right under your feet. The whole experience is guided in a story telling format so you can actually understand more of what you are seeing. Sometimes a good story can make the information stick a whole lot better than any visitor book. I am sure that this will be an experience that we will not forget.

The Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure has been compared to some of the great wonders on the world, and we are very lucky to have it right here in Canada. We are even more lucky to be able to visit it on our upcoming adventure. During this tour we will visit the Athabasca Glacier by a huge vehicle designed for glacial travel- the Ice Explorer. During the drive the guide will share much interesting information about the glacier, and ice fields. With all the talk about global warming it is especially important to preserve these areas and appreciate them as much as we can.

During the tour you can step out on the glacier and take some of the best photos imaginable. It will truly be a spectacular experience, as some of the highest mountains in the Canadian Rockies are located around the Ice Field.

Both of these adventures are offered through Brewster Travel Canada, and are designed to show people the beauty that we Canadians are very lucky to have in our own back yard. We cannot wait to explore this part of Alberta, and see all the wonderful scenery.


  1. Do not miss Sunwapta or Athabasca Falls on your way to the Ice Fields or a day trip and the little lodge to eat at Sunwapta has the best food and reasonable price, also we take our dogs on the tram all 3 we had they all loved it! We go to Banff and Jasper a few times a year, so I know a lot about it, if you need any info, do not miss the boat rides in either place, both fun and interesting

  2. Thanks! Can you tell me if the Sunwapta are Falls as well and are they near the Athabasca Falls? Athabasca was on my to do list. Do you know lodge name? The trams looked small though- you were able to take all 3 dogs up? How long of a ride up? Do you think it bothers their ears? It's ok then to bring them up?


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