Branson- Sunday May 10th

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Had a good sleep last night and were out the door this morning at about 10:30 to start seeing Branson. We had a rainy day today so was good that all of our day was planned for indoor activities. This is a nice city- very well spread out, clean, feels safe, and offers families alot to see and do from what we are finding so far.Beautiful scenery too: lots of trees and rock formations,nestled throughout the hills and lakes of the Ozark Mountains.

We headed this morning to the Shepard of the Hills Inspiration Tower- offering a great view from atop the 225ft. structure. We took a glassed in elevator to the observation deck where we could see miles of the area- 360 degrees. They even have zip lines now off the structure but we're not brave enough for those. Gift shop below at ground level offers great souvenirs and other gift ideas, snacks, etc.. 

After that stop, we headed over to the Talking Rocks Cavern-open year round rain or shine.

We arrived at 11:45 am and had to wait till the next tour at 12:15. Tours run for an hour and go at a good slower pace. We had a great guide and enjoyed the caverns.

Be prepared that it gets wet in there with water dripping from above, so do wear good shoes and perhaps bring a  light waterproof jacket.We did take the tour while having some days of heavy downpour, which causes the ground water to enter the cave.  This is a "living cave", so the water which comes in actually is what causes the cave formations to continue to grow.  Though this is a slow process, it is vital for the growth of formations.  

Even though I am claustrophobic, I made out fine in there. We also had our photo taken in the cave for only $10 and you can shop their gift shop that offers a wide range of rock and gem related gifts when your done your tour as well.

After that stop we went and got some old time photos done,that was cool and something new for us to have done.

Legends in Concert finished off our evening.

We had been to one of the shows in Vegas before, and enjoyed it so much that we were quite eager to see another.
The show did not disappoint.It's a great tribute show that is always entertaining. We saw singing impersonators, The Blues Brothers, Elvis and Kenny Chesney-(our three favorites) as well as Lionel Richie, Bette Midler and Ann Margaret. 
A great part of the show was when "Elvis" jammed with the Legends band, at the front of the stage. If you like impersonators and enjoy music- this is the show for you to see. Note that The Legends in Concert shows are available  in Branson, Las Vegas, Atlantic City & more. Performers in the shows will amaze you with the likeness to the performer, and their amazing voices. If you haven't seen a Legends in Concert yet, don't miss out next time your traveling in one of their locations.


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