Thursday May 7

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thought I'd write a few lines while Gerry and Jakey were still sleeping, and I have internet. ( Never had any yesterday since we were traveling through most of Manitoba, where my Bell doesn't not have coverage in).

We got an hour later start from home yesterday than we had wanted. Gerry had check engine light issues so had to take the RV to the garage to have checked and cleared. But later in the evening once we parked to camp for the night- 11 pm- the light/message was back. So not sure if today they will stay on/ be on when we take off. Then the carbon monoxide detector was going off- so he had to clear that as well. A little leary about going to sleep but they say most times they go off because they are older and need to be replaced. But after running some fans, it cleared up.

It's been raining alot since we left home, and today is pouring. We were lucky to find a campground so late at night last night. One had a washed out road we first looked at, and this one offers little for privacy and right next to the highway on one side and a mobile home park on the other. Couldn't stand to be fussy last night though when it was so late...drove longer than we wanted to for the day but Gerry wanted to at least make it here, where we're about an hour from the US border.

I love stopping to take pictures of road side attractions but don't always spot them till it's too late and hard for Gerry to stop with the RV and tow, on a dime. Here is one below of a swan in Swan River, Manitoba. Hope to get settled earlier today and not drive as long for day 2. Will lose my Canadian internet service though and have to look in the US for somewhere I can get a pre-paid Verizon card for my device. Talk soon.


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