Branson, Tuesday May 12

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

11 am and we were off to see the Top of the Rock  Lost Canyon Nature Trail and Cave Experience over in Ridgedale- about 15-20 minute drive outside of Branson. 

Gerry and I were saying what a beautiful trail this was. A 2 1/2 mile ride, in an electric cart, on a self guided tour. No walking! Perfect for people with mobility issues and families alike, that just want to be out in nature and viewing stunning rock formations and awesome views of the Table Rock Lake and the Lost Canyon Cave. The cave even features a waterfall and a cave bar. A must see visit when in Branson. Take the drive!

This afternoon we had pedicures at City Spatique. Erika and Jon had gotten me this for Mothers Day and I thought it would be nice for Gerry to have his done as well. He had never had one done.. and really liked it.

I don't normally mention a business unless we are reviewing it but I have to say-it you are in Branson, or passing through and need some spa services done-go to City Spatique. Not only good service but friendly, friendly people that work there too, with great conversation.

Had a quick visit to Dick's Oldtime 5+10 Store but not quite what I expected. Was looking for a few things and more souvenirs that I didn't find while there, and as well found it on the pricier side.

Tonight we took in the  Acrobats of China Featuring the New Shanghai Circus.

This was a 2 hour show featuring amazing entertainment. The performers were very flexible, and it was amazing what they could all do. Very talented,and everyone seemed to know their parts quite well in the show. Alot of concentration and strength was required for many of their acts and they hit them dead on. It was also nice to see what dedication they put into their show- especially among the very young in the show. If in Branson - go see this show!

Have had bad allergies the last 2 days from what I would imagine is all the trees in the area. Allergy pills haven't helped as much as I'd like..all stuffed up and now itchy eyes.

Off for the night-but will talk you all again tomorrow. Need to get myself into bed.Early morning today and long day.


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