Branson- Wednesday, May 14

Thursday, May 14, 2015

First of all, Happy Birthday to our daughter Erika, who turned 23 today. I know you had to work today but I do still hope you had a special day and wanted you to know you were in our thoughts.

We didn't do too much of sightseeing today. Lazy day. Had a show we were suppose to go to tonight but I just felt like going shopping. We're so limited back home that I wanted to take advantage of once last day of shopping at my favorite store. But as well we had an appt. with the vet over in Ozark, half hour away, to take Jakey to the vet today. Picked him up at the kennel and then took him over. He had to have a bump looked at on his ear, which vet figured was benign, and as well his teeth. Even though we had them all cleaned last year, she said he could easily have another cleaning done. So something we will to think about within the year. 

Here's some pictures from our scenic drive to Ozark- half hour from Branson-

We visited the World's Largest Toy Museum earlier in the day.

                      (LOL- daughter commented I wasn't smiling but sun was in my eyes.. big on my sunglasses - so think I was concentrating more on not blinking!)

Quite overwhelming with all the toys in there, spanning decades. Seen a few things from my childhood there as well as toys from the girls'. The collection has over a million toys- board games, trains, dolls, Disney, pedal cars, Super Heroes and so much more. 

                                               (Board games)

                                                     ( Troll dolls)

The collection has been accumulated by the owner from various means- donations, other collections, and some he bought. Here you'll find toys as old as the 1800's! What I noticed was the quality of the toys from years gone by. Toys from today would never last as long as they did back in the day, unless they were kept in their original boxes. Toys in days gone by were made much more sturdier and with better quality materials than they are now.
The Museum also features a toy gift store with many unique toys as well as Harold Bell Wright, Shepard of the Hills Museum. Be sure to make a stop here while in Branson!

Well, folks, I'm off for the night. Leaving tomorrow but not sure what time we'll be checking out . We'll have to wait to see what's happening with the RV  since it's still in the shop till tomorrow at least till noon. Then it's packing it all up again, picking up Jakey and hitting the long road home.

                   (Shoes we brought for the trip- think there's enough pairs?!)

Talk to you all again soon!



  1. Given the name of your blog I thought I'd share the limerick I wrote a few days ago for National Limerick Day:
    He came to the door fo the museum,
    The toys - he wanted to see 'em.
    And to his delight his funds were just right
    It fit nicely within his per diem.

    Enjoyed having you guys stop by.


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