Branson Trip- The Expense Report

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Still trying to get caught back up to a normal pace of life again. RV needs a cleaning and the laundry and everything from there had to come back in the house. Washing clothes and bedding, etc.. Getting caught up to emails, blogging, etc..oh my!  

I was able to get my trip expenses all done up though so this is what it looks like for those interested:

I did not separate the US $$ from the CDN $$ so these are just the figures without that.

- Condo: ( timeshare deal) plus camping. ( Left May 6th and came back on the 19th- so for almost 2 weeks) - $485.00
-Groceries: $84.00
-Fast food: $66.00
-Gift cards/Free food: $110.00 worth
-Dog kennel for Jake and a vet visit: $220.00
-Gas/propane for RV and SUV: $1600.00 ( 4 days drive there and 4 days back)
-Verizon/Internet for me : $75 ( I bought time cards but bought too much and had left over time but unfortunately if you don't use it within a month you lose it. Will have to maybe call tomorrow and double check that it can't be saved or transferred to someone)
-RV repairs and 2 new tires for the SUV- $1330.00

Have to head out again to the city in June for dental,( had to cancel that last appt. since we got delayed with the storm coming home), and to see the podiatrist. We are thinking we may be reimbursed for some of the travel expense though, since I had been before for the same thing with dental, years ago. Also have to make a separate trip to the city before that to pick up a daughter coming home for a 2 week stay. So not sure another vacation will be happening before Gerry retires in the Fall and we head south. Too many expenses.


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