"Sprucing" Up the Yard with Tree Time

Monday, May 25, 2015

I've always wanted a hedge/ shrubs around the perimeter of our front yard. The neighbors have and I've always been envious of theirs. I thought of the white picket fence before out front but always came back to thoughts of a hedge of sorts. I've also seen a few neighbors with big trees in their front yards as well and thought our front yard was lacking something. Our back yard has alot of trees and is fenced in. Time to spruce up the front yard! The time has come and it's been done. Tree Time to the rescue!

Tree is a Western Canadian company. They produce a large variety of native and landscape seedlings. These are shipped out of their cold storage warehouse every spring.Their seedlings can be are quickly transported and can be easily planted. They also have very competitive prices. Tree has over 100 species available. And most of their stock is grown from seeds that have been collected locally.Tree Time been in business since 2003. They specialize in selling prairie hardy trees, and shrub seedlings.

Tree Time is also owned and operated by professional foresters who influence the environment positively. They promote tree planting to help clean the air, and conserve the soil. They also have a new growth guarantee as well. Tree stands behind their products. They guarantee their seedlings are in good health on arrival, and will put on new growth after being planted. If you receive seedlings that you think aren’t in good health  upon arrival and you contact them within 7 days, or do not produce new growth after 30 days they will replace your seedlings.

We got some trees and shrubs for our yard recently. Some Green Ash trees for parts of our yard. And some Peking Cotoneaster shrubs for the front yard. We were even able to share some of our bundle, with my parents, for their yard.  

We put one tree from our Green Ash bundle in the front yard but also were able to add a few to the back yard. I can't wait till the trees all start growing now! 

Enjoy the photos of me putting poor Gerry to work- he has the better green thumb than I do- and more energy at times I think as well!


  1. So glad you posted this! I've been looking to buy Pussy Willows for my backyard and they are over ridiculously expensive in my area. What great prices!


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