Completed the 12 Ultra Sounds

Sunday, November 19, 2017

So while here in Arizona, I saw an ad to get 12 ultra sounds for $70 US/ $10 extra for breast exam and $10 extra for men for testicle exam.. ( of course Gerry wasn't too interested in that one), but I wanted to have the breast one done after feeling some spots being tender at times.

The test for the 2 of us took about half hour and we got a report for each that we can give to our doctors to go over with us.

One good thing I did find out from the ultra sound was that pains in my chest were more than likely caused by my ribs...poor posture at the computer, over exerting with exercises, etc.. Nothing to worry about from he saw. 

We found out a few other little things as well, which we can discuss with our doctors once we return home in the Spring.

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