Thursday, November 9, 2017

Had to take the RV to the shop today because one of the front tires on the RV was wearing on the outside edge. Shop owner took the RV for a test drive around the block with us, and quickly determined that it was leaning to one side.

Upon getting the RV into the shop, he further determined at some point our RV had been towed and the tow truck operator bent the front axle on one side. He also found that one of the leaf springs was broken and will need to be replaced. Also need two new front tires.

All told we may be looking at being without the RV for 1-2 days and having to get into a hotel. And repairs being in the neighborhood of $3,000+ US
Not something we wanted to hear today. It sure becomes a set back but with us staying in here as our home as well as traveling around 6 + months of the year, it's something that will have to be fixed.


  1. You may want to get a second opinion of that. When something costs that much it is nice to find out from another shop what they say needs to be done without letting them know what you already know. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Forgoing the axle for now- but still bill is high. doing updated post shortly


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