End of the Week( Almost) and an Update

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Rented a movie from good ole' Redbox, for tonight. Missed their movies- always new releases- cheap! $1.65 for a movie- rented Tom Cruise's The Mummy .
Airshow at the airport today- would have been an all day thing in heat if we went and would have had to leave Jakey, so we parked by Walmart with our RV, after filling water and doing dumps today, and seen a bit of it for free!

Still staying warm here during the day. 26 degrees on average, and evenings not cooling off enough yet for me. 16 and 17 degrees at night still is warm, but by mid week it will drop to 13 and 14 at night and make sleep more manageable.

I found this "grave" near our campsite when we arrived, and at first thought someone's pet died and they had to bury it here, until I looked at the "fresh marker" on the board, and the date. The marker and board would have looked more weathered if it really had sat there for 16 years. Plus add to that other pieces of the same board in the fire pit nearby.. ya right!

Had to order a 9" back up camera for the RV since we got here, as the monitor went. Got one from Ebay for $100 but saw in RV catalog they go upwards of $900! Insane! 

Fixed the slide that was broken- got a piece welded here in the city, for $40, rather than getting  a new piece ordered and having to wait. Now we just have to look at why our outer tire is worn, on the RV. Gerry thinking is might possibly need a wheel alignment! Seems like always something. But we're well, and will stay in touch with our travels and life on the road.

BTW- we have really loved shopping the grocery stores here. We love just looking in them- they have so many nice things and the prices are so much better than ours up north.

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