Promotions Are Not A Time Served Bonus

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


There is this sort of weird culture in the workplace where employees presume they will get a promotion for every year they work there. That’s not how it works though. You don’t get bonuses for serving time in a job and to think so is, well, kind of ludicrous.

To secure a promotion you need to do more, and that means actively proving - and quite possibly telling - your boss that you deserve any promotion that may be up for grabs. You need to prove you are the perfect placed to take on any extra roles. And here is just how you can do that.


Make It Easier For Them
This may sound like a totally counterproductive thing to suggest because, in many ways, making your boss’ job easier is like making them obsolete. But this is less about putting them out of a job and more about proving you can be trusted with more than just your workload. Do this and you will then be freeing up their time, meaning they can do the same and make their higher-up's lives easier. Exceeding expectations is something that will get you noticed by the bigger fish. Fact.

From Start to Finish
One of the things employers want to see is people that can take on a task and see it through. They place a lot of premium on these individuals, which is why you do all you can to take ownership for tasks from start to finish. Show that you are the one that leads the charge, do it consistently and you will find you become indispensable, and do you know what happens to employees that are indispensable? They get promoted.

Show You Are Committed
This doesn’t just mean getting to work early and leaving late. That simply shows you are a) sucking up or b) taking longer to do your work. To show you are committed you need to produce high-quality work and embody your work as more than a job. Get a master’s degree to further your career by putting yourself on an online accredited MBA program designed to improve your leadership skills. Start developing important relationships that will benefit the company. basically,  put extra effort in where possible. Employees that do this will get noticed. Their names pop up more often. Ipso facto, they get rewarded in the only suitable way - promotion.


Raise Everyone Else
Nothing is more unattractive than an employee that steps all over those around them in order to get noticed and climb the ladder of success. These people are more atrocious than Gilderoy Lockhart in The Chamber Of Secrets. Instead, what you want to do is help your colleagues where possible and lift their performances. Complete your tasks and then ask how you can help others. The person that is able to lift their team is the one who will be most cherished by the higher-ups because they aren’t just raising their performance, they are adding value to an entire team.

Do all this and you will be on the path to promotion-ville, even if you are required to make a pitstop and verbally tell your boss that is what you are seeking. Trust us, that will be music to their ears.

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