Oh What a New Day Brings

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Today was eventful. 

Gerry noticed first thing this morning that a small chip bag he had left out last night had chew marks in one corner! Yup- the looks of a possible mouse. Further investigation we found that under the hump/ engine in the front, there was insulation, and yarn of sorts, made out like a nest. He said it looked like it had been there a while. Grrr. Nest destroyed. Going to put some Irish Spring soap bits out and a bowl of water up near the dash tonight and see what happens- if anything. Hopefully it's gone.

Then, we called back the shop where we had taken our RV in the other day, as they had called us to give us their "quote". Gerry said it was $5300 US  and the guy will be ordering the parts. I said after he got off the phone- "call him back!" We are not paying that. Let's see what we must do and what we can wait on or getting a second opinion on. I had a good cry too about it. Gerry said he'll wait and get another opinion on the axle that they said is bent 1/2 " but still needs the two new tires, wheel alignment ,2 leaf springs and 2 back bushings. Cost to ship the 2 springs alone is at our expense of $300-$500. So taking out getting the axle fixed will be maybe $2,000 less. But we still don't have an exact quote and won't till perhaps early next week. Certainly not what we want to deal with!

11/11/17- Update on the mouse- so far no sign of it.. but Gerry did see where it may have been coming in through outside opening under the dash through the engine!


  1. Yikes, that is still a lot but it is also the cost of traveling in and RV, especially if you are escaping for Canada's cold winter.

  2. yes, maintenance.. still need our carburetor changed out too- so always something.. Your RV is old - what year? Ours is a 2005

  3. Ours is 1996. We have been extremely lucky with it and over the last 10 years have put very little into it overall. Mostly upkeep. Kevin has also been able to a lot of the work on it himself. Last month we did put just less than $2,000 into it but it was again mostly maintenance.

  4. Sorry, that was about $1,200 not just less than $2,000, we were expecting the bill to be around that price but we were pleasantly surprised to see it come out at less. :-)

  5. Have you renovated it at all like inside- painting, new flooring or such? We're always doing something like that on ours.. have fun with small changes. Reviews as well.

  6. Yes, we have installed solar panels and extra batteries. Replaced part of the carpeting, ripped out some of the carpeting and replaced it with laminate flooring in the bathroom, kitchen and entry steps. We have replaced all the curtains and removed the blinds. Recovered our dinette cushions a few years ago but they need to be redone again. There are probably a few other things but I have forgotten for now. And at this moment our son-in-law is building us a new dinette table that will be waiting for our return on Tuesday.


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