November 2017 - End of Month RV Living Expenses

Thursday, November 30, 2017

We've got our partial expenses list done for the month of November, while away from home. All dollar amounts are in in USD.
These are the expenses we keep track of only for our own knowledge to see how we can do better next month.
I compared food costs to last year's and see we were up about $50 for the month.
Also, we'll see propane come up soon for running the furnace. Nights are finally nice for sleeping but cool in RV in morning. 

Propane- $40.12
RV water and dumps- $80
Laundry @ the laundromat- $12.75 ( the smaller stuff we now do in camper in washer and hang out)
SUV Gas- $86
RV Gas - $238 - also includes gas for the generator- which is required to run the microwave, coffee maker, iron, and top off batteries if we didnt have enough sun to charge the solars
Take out- $82.95- This was too high but we had the RV in shop for 2 days and had to get take out.. although I did use coupons for specials!
Groceries- $470 

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