Oct 16- October 31 Expenses- On The Road

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Wanted to report expenses for our trip from October 16- 31st.

The Canadian portion of the trip from Saskatchewan to the border and in CDN dollars:

-Take Out- $18.25
-Gas RV- $314.70
-Propane $40
-Groceries- $14.10
-Laundry - $0- used our own unit at a full service campground

The US portion of the trip from the border to Lake Havasu, Arizona. in US dollars:

-Gas SUV- $0
-Propane- $38.74
-Take Out- $49.23
-Gas RV- $974.00
-Camp fees- $82.29
-Laundry- $6.25
-Water for RV- $5

We paid more on take out than we normally would have but alot of this was due to arriving later at destinations and being hungry NOW. We usually as well boon dock and don't pay camp fees- BLM land, Walmarts, etc., but had 2 full service camp sites during this trip to have full use on internet, unlimited water for showers, laundry usage, etc.

On another note- selling our bikes- or will have them and the carrier for sale. We just don't use them. Mainly because most of the roads we are on where we do camp are very heavy with sand and not easy to ride on. Last year, the sand was so bad in one spot it knocked me off my bike, wrecked a pair of pants and got a small scar on my knee as a reminder.


  1. A bit pricey but then most of that is for gas because you drove quite a distance in that short time. We will be doing something much the same starting out about Nov. 16th or so but I think we will be traveling a little slower so our gas usage shouldn't be as much. Not quite sure where we will end up by the end of November probably somewhere just south of Kentucky as we will be leaving from Ottawa this year.

    Too bad we won't be near you, we are looking for bikes on our way south as ours have just about had it.

  2. Yeah this was our end result down at this end. 11 days driving actually.
    We've done alot of the west half of the USA except Texas and Oklahoma.
    We'll see if we sell here and if not will haul around till we get home in the Spring lol


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