Update on the RV.. and How It's Affected Us

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Happy to say we got the mouse problem all looked after. We set a live trap inside the dash, and caught the little bugger. He did do some damage inside the dash though. He chewed wires and a vacuum line elbow from the heater control. It controlled the AC coming out of the vents- but good thing "Mr. Hubby Fix It" was able to solve that and get it all fixed.

Then we had to stay in a hotel for 2 nights ( $300 CDN) while the RV went in the shop for repairs on the front end. After all was said and done, we saved $900+ by Gerry doing a fix that the garage couldn't do, but still costed us $3,060. USD. Was a big inconvenience, and a set back that caused us to have to pull money out of our savings to cover the bill . 

The garage had also told us there would be some other things we "could" fix but we opted out and said we would check those other things out on our own. 

Although Gerry can do alot of work on his own, he didn't have access to these parts, nor did he have a place to do the work that needed to be done, or all his tools, like jacks, blocks, etc..Plus he also didn't have a machine that could do a wheel alignment after the fact of the work that was done. Leaving it till we went back home, with more miles on it to get home, would have been a major safety issue.

Our next project in the RV will be taking out the dated shower doors, putting up a copper rod that Gerry designed for our neo-angle shower stall and hanging a shower curtain instead . Will post when we get that done- which I am hoping will be within the next few days.


  1. Ouch that hurts the pocketbook! There are just some things that you have to let others do, even Kevin knows when we have to pay to have someone else do the work like the work we had done on our motorhome back at the beginning of October. When you are on the road you are definitely more limited. It's good that it is done and safe to drive again.

  2. Yes you want that $$ coming in and not going out!


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