Wednesday, November 15, 2017

What's Been Happening With Us

We're still waiting to hear on our RV parts- haven't arrived yet. But they seemed to have pre- charged our credit card for the parts already! I am also waiting on a new plastic sink for our kitchen to arrive from another place- been waiting 2 weeks. Previous RV owners didn't look after it and it really needs to be replaced.

We have plans to do a new review soon for our RV shower. We are going to be working with a brand - Extend a Shower. We'll take off the shower doors and will be putting in a rod instead with shower curtain. So stay tuned for that before and after.

On another note for today, looks like we'll have to head out of this area soon. It's BLM land and you are only allowed 14 days in and 14 out. We'll head back to an old area tomorrow, picking up mail, and doing some laundry in town- blankets and sheets- stuff we haven't been able to do in the washer we have in the RV. The washer/ dryer combo has sucked for drying clothes so we've hung out clothes we washed, on our outdoor clothesline. In this heat they dry in about an hour!

Also made an appt for Sunday for Gerry and I to get a 12 ultrasound study done- mine will include breast as well- so will cost $80. His will be $70.

Had a disappointing dentist visit today. We went for check ups and xrays- $49 each. Okay that is fine until they start telling you need this, that, and the other thing and your previous dentist should have done this and that. When I say I want to make dental cleaning appts., they tell me that mine needs more work than Gerry's. His costing $150 and mine.. $600! I said I only want a basic cleaning and they tell me you need more than a basic cleaning and our hygienists do what is needed to be done. Basically meaning a basic cleaning is out! Well, I won't be subject to their fees- we'd need a small lottery win for that! So we'll keep looking and keep phoning around. Someone had recommended a dental school. So we'll see what we can find.

Truth: You Don’t Have To Spend A Fortune When Moving Home

A less practiced but certainly achievable way of saving some money when moving house is putting your property up for sale privately.  This means that you don't use a real estate agent at all, so won't have to pay their fees.

Of course, it's is a little more work if you go it alone. You will have to get the place into a sellable condition so it will need cleaning, any repairs doing, and some staging as well. To help you do this you can use tricks like filling the home with fresh flowers, or baking cookies and bread as people attend your open house to give it that truly homely feel.

It' also important to ensure that you clear away as much clutter as possible. After all, people want to be able to imagine their own lives in the property and not be distracted by all of your knick-knack and collections.

Reduced agent's fees

Another option that entails a lot less work on your part but also can save you a great deal of money during the moving process is finding someone like Hungry Agents Real Estate Agents to help you with your sale. This is because they allow different agents to bid competitively for the right to sell your home, and creating competition in this way can help to significantly lower the prices that you get charged. All this and you still have an expert to advise you on the process and help coordinate your open house, making it a great way to lower your costs but not add to your stress.

Sell your home without having to pay out unreasonable fees. Image link

Moving costs

Unfortunately, the acute focus on selling your old property and buying a new one can mean that many folks are all but spent out by the time they actually come to move. Of course, this is problematic because the move itself also can cost a significant amount of money.

One of the largest costs is in hiring a removal firm to transport your items for you to the new property. However, you can reduce the amount you pay for this. One way to do this is to cut down on the services that you purchase from them. So instead of having them pack your boxes for you, do this part yourself.

The other way to reduce your moving costs is to skip using a professional firm, hire a truck, and do the heavy lifting yourself. This will definitely cost a lot less and can make moving a lot more reasonable. Although, do be aware that it's not an easy option, especially if you have lots of large pieces that need loading on and off the truck!