Sunday, April 15, 2018

Things Are a Bit Different When Your Up Close and Personal

Jakey always barks at the cows when we're driving along on the highway. Things were a bit different though when he got up and personal near a Rest Stop along a Washington Hwy. Didn't seem to have too much to say!

The Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is  nonprofit organization located in Newport, on the beautiful Oregon Coast. With their mission  to create unique and engaging experiences that connect people to the Oregon coast and inspire ocean conservation.

Gerry and I love animals, marine life, and things on that scale, so when we were in the area of Newport, we just had to make a visit to see their aquarium. With a daughter and son in law that spend alot of of their time surrounding an ocean life in another country, this meant even more to us, as we are always told by our daughter how important the ocean is and all that lives in the ocean.

Spending time near the ocean while we have traveled up the coast, will always be memorable to us- despite the mountains we climbed here with our RV and the cliffs and days that poured rained.

We loved our visit- we saw children loving their visits and really this was a great place for the family.

The rain that day did not keep people away!
The Oregon Coast Aquarium welcomes your support in many ways- adopt a marine animal, buy a brick on their walkway, or just make a donation, to name a few.

The Aquarium offers so much- both indoors and out in case it is a rainy day much like we had when we went.
Discounts as well are available- and be sure to check out info on FREE admission on your birthday!
For more on the Oregon Coast Aquarium visit their site today!

Interesting Spot- The Goodwill Outlet, Portland, Oregon

I do love my looking for bargains- and had heard about the Portland Goodwill Outlet from another blogger. Since we were going to drive through Portland anyhow, we were able to make a stop, and glad we did. 

It's not like your typical Goodwill Store. It's an outlet. Everything is in bins. It's per pound you pay for what you buy. Books are an extra charge though separately from what goes on the scale.
There were many shoppers looking for bargains. 

I quickly learned that alot of the shoppers are waiting for the staff in the back to bring out newly loaded bins. So the blue bins are on wheels, get pushed out and people wait till all 6 bins are out in their spot till they can go through them. And they come and go like that all day.  In and out the back doors of the building.

I think its great as there is always new stock coming out and some people  stay longer just to wait.
Some buy for themselves and some are there bargain shopping to resell the cashier told me.
All in all- interesting. I bought 5 lbs of "things" for $10.38 and a few books for $7