Monday, April 30, 2018

Master The Art Of E-Commerce On eBay

Taking the right steps, running a business, really can be something of an art form. It’s also quite rewarding when you find that you are making profits while keeping your expenses under tight control. You’ll find that you can easily stretch your income to brilliant new levels and achieve a brand new lifestyle all while working from home often in your spare time. But how do you do it?

Well, we can look at running your own e-commerce company. Now you can set up your own site to do this, but that takes far more time and effort. It’s far better to use an existing platform and essentially piggyback off it. That’s what we suggest, and our choice of platform would be eBay. On this post, we’re going to look at how to use eBay to make all your e-commerce dreams come true.

Build Your Brand

The most successful sellers on eBay are like any business owner. They form a relationship with their customer. They make sure that they feel connected to this brand and this keeps them buying, earning them the useful and valuable repeat service. You do need this if you are going to maintain profitability.

To do that, you need to build up your business brand and make it personal. A recent report revealed that customers are more than eighty percent more likely to click on the site if it has a face picture of the owner. As such, you do want to have a face picture on your eBay shop profile page. You also want a brief bio for you and your business. This doesn’t have to be an essay, but it does need to connect with your audience in some way. For instance, you might sell baby clothes, and if that’s the case, you can say you started the site because you couldn’t find any baby clothes at reasonable prices when you had your first baby.

Handling Costs

Of course, one of the biggest issues is actually handling the costs of your online store. You need to make sure that the amount you charge for products does leave a profit when costs are taken into consideration. The biggest cost is going to be deliveries. To make sure your deliveries are under complete control, we suggest using a service like Shiply. Companies like this have more info on site pages like With Shiply, you’ll be able to find the best service for deliveries that matches your budget. That way, getting your products to customers won’t eat away at your profits.

Build Trust

On eBay, you do have what is basically a trust rating. It tells buyers that other users like your business and trust it to make purchases. If they do, then you won’t have to worry about customers avoiding your store completely. To build trust immediately, buy some products from bigger stores. These cheap products will immediately earn you points, and you can build up your profile quickly by doing this. It allows you to avoid simply hoping that word of mouth will spread. Once you actually start selling, you can maintain trust by always being polite and following that one simple business rule: the customer is always right. You can find more basic rules of business on

We hope you find this advice useful and find great success running your own shop on eBay.

That’s A Wrap on Eat, Shop, Save Season 2

Dale Pinnock’s popular ITV series, Eat, Shop Save has just wrapped up filming on a second series. The first series proved popular with viewers, offering a whole range of tips and tricks to help us ordinary Brits save some cash. On the show, Dale, a chef by trade, takes on the role of a food adviser. He shares tips for cooking and shopping and recipes to make our lives easier. In the first series he shared tips for persuading fussy eaters to eat more nutritional food (by concealing vegetables in blended sauces), creating cheap and healthy homemade takeaways to help households kick the Friday night habit and batch cooking to help stretch time and energy further. The show sees a team of experts visit a household that needs to make some changes. They help families to achieve their health, wealth and happiness goals by saving money, losing excess weight, shopping more savvily, cooking from scratch and running more efficient households. By taking small, achievable steps, each family from the first series was able to utilize the tips and tricks the experts shared to make sure they had more quality time to spend together as a family. Dale Pinnock has plenty of expertise when it comes to food; he’s a trained nutritionist who specializes in healthy eating. A star TV chef, he’s also got several books under his belt, including The Medicinal Chef amongst others. Dale has become a popular celebrity chef for all sorts of clients, from promotional events to corporate dinners and everything in between. If you’d like to book Dale Pinnock to demonstrate recipes, give a talk or sign books at an event you’ve organized, just get in touch with his booking agent at MN2S talent agency.

4 Reasons Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars

Since time immemorial the humble motorcycle has been a symbol of freedom, good natured rebelliousness and let’s not forget about the cool factor. But while they might put us in mind of Marlon Brando in The Wild One or Peter Fonda in Easy Rider, it’s not just rebels on the fringes of society who benefit from these masterpieces of modern engineering. For the money conscious professional they have several distinct advantages over the more common automobile that are not to be sniffed at. Here are just some of the many reasons why motorcyclists prefer their two wheeled chariots over the more quotidian automobile…

They represent a much smaller upfront cost

Sure, just like their four wheeled counterparts, motorcycles see a lot of fluctuation in price. A brand new Harley is always going to cost a lot more than a 3 year old Honda in the same way that a brand new Mercedes is always going to represent a bigger investment than a 3 year old Chevy. Nonetheless, a popular sport bike represents a fraction of the cost of a popular car.

They’re cheaper to run

Only the most fuel efficient cars are able to get 30 miles to the gallon, but for a motorcyclist 30mpg represents a total gas guzzler. It’s not only fuel costs where motorcyclists save, either. Motorbikes are cheaper to insure, cheaper to service, the parts are cheaper ands with a little knowhow you can carry out most of the maintenance yourself. If you don’t need to take a large family with you every time you hit the road, a motorcycle is certainly the better choice for the budget conscious motorist.

They’re safer

Admittedly, in the event of an accident a car will offer you more protection than your trusty steed. But if you ride a motorbike you’re far less likely to have an accident in the first place. Plus, if the worst should happen, you’ll know that a specialist motorcycle accident lawyer will be there to fight your corner. Motorcyclists are more agile and better positioned to react to hazards with better perception and an unimpeded view of the road. A motorcycle’s more compact size makes it much more able to weave between hazards or find a safe space of road even when travelling at high speeds.  

They make you part of a wider community

While certain models of cars have their fandoms, motorcyclists represent a much larger and more welcoming community. Most of the time motorcyclists have a lot of time for other motorcyclists either online or in meat space, always on hand to offer help, advice or just an opportunity to talk shop.

They represent greater freedom

There’s no feeling quite like hurtling along an open stretch of road on your motorbike as the sun sets around you. It offers a feeling of freedom that even driving with the top down doesn’t quite match. Moreover, motorcyclists have much more freedom of movement on the road and aren’t nearly as plagued by parking trouble as car drivers.

If you’re looking for a more budget friendly, safer and more enjoyable experience on the road, motorbikes really are the way to go!