4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Weight Down

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My sister and I have recently started walking at the ice rink. Alot of people usually walk there once the weather turns colder, but so far, we've only seen one person on both of the days we have gone. The weather HAS gotten colder, and in fact, the wet snow is suppose to start today.It won't be here to stay yet..too early. I know that once all the leaves are off the trees then it will, but we still have alot of leaves on the trees.It's just a sign and let's us know to start preparing ourselves.

I still have a bit of my cold and Erika has missed 3 days school because of hers.

Despite my cold though, I have still been walking and do usually ride the exercise bike in the house.Can't stop because the weather gets bad . I gain weight too easily if I don't try.At times, it can be challenging to lose weight or even maintain, especially once one is older.

Some ways to keep your weight down:
- exercise regularily- at least 20-30 minutes a day.
-don't diet. You restrict yourself too much from what you like. Instead, cut back your portions. Instead of a full sized  chocolate bar, eat one of the minis. Instead of a large supper plate, use a smaller dinner plate.This is what I do- and it works for me. Keep snacks in the house that include healthy eats like fruit, veggies and cheese strings.
-if you do end up cheating, don't be too hard on yourself. Try again next time.
-drink lots of water.Remember you may think you want to eat, but may only be thirsty. If you fill up more on water, you will think less about food.

We watched a bit of  The Biggest Loser last night on tv.I personally thought it was terrible how they made those people push themselves beyond what was comfortable for them.A few that were exercising looked like they were going to die right there.I thought the exercise part of it was a bit extreme. The trainers are thin and fit so it's easy for them, but wrong to push that hard with people that are that out of shape.

We have a 60th wedding anniversary to attend to this weekend out of town for Gerry's parents, so won't be posting this weekend.I have signed up for some mystery shops along the way so will get some free gas, snacks and a meal or two.

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