Making Cheap Substitutes

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some recipes call for ingrediants we don't have on hand, or aren't a very common ingrediant we may find in our cupboards. I usually deal with this in one of two ways.
First I may pick up just what I need, at our bulk bin.They are very inexpensive should I need 1/2 cup of this or a quarter cup of that, and I don't have to buy a full size package of something I may never use again.
I also may substitute. I made these White Chocolate cookies substituting the butter for margarine.I didn't have butter and it costs more than margarine. I also substituted out the macadamia nuts and used almond pieces instead-cheaper again than the macadamia nut.For the white chocolate chunks I use white chipits that mom gave me,( thanks mom- and used half a bag ).
I have also on occassion substituted such things as peanuts for walnuts, or did without in a recipe.
So you can see how substituting can be a cheaper alternative for any recipe.
What substitutes have you used to save $$?

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