How to Save Money on Hotels

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wow- the cost of staying overnight in some hotels nowadays is crazy! After all, you don't want to own a share of the place, you only want a place to sleep for the night, or two.
My daughter Ria used to work as a night hotel clerk, a few years back in Alberta. While she was over the other day, I picked her brain to ask if she had any money saving tips for my readers.
She proceeded to tell me that haggling was more possible for the room rate, if there weren't others in line.After all, if the guy behind you in line hears your getting your room $25 cheaper than him, he's going to want to same deal.
She also said it really depends on who is working, their mood, and sometimes how good a sweet talker you are as well.She said that they do like to have their rooms all filled by the end of the day, so it is easier to deal later in the day with them on a room rate.
Also being a Priority Club member of the hotel chain is also a good thing.These people are treated better she said and get free room upgrades most of the time.. more perks for being a club member.
Never call the 1-800# when making a reservation-ever! Ria said you have a better chance at getting a better rate by calling the hotel directly.
Also,if you are spending the night in the hotel only for the purpose of sleeping, do you really need a 5 star hotel? Read room reviews on hotel booking sites and stay at a cheap but clean hotel.
Keep in mind what the hotel is also offering- perhaps a free breakfast or free parking.
Ask if they price match with other hotels.
Fill out those comment cards- especially the ones that get mailed in to a head office. The hotels really strive for good customer service and want to keep a good rating.

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  1. Don't forget to shop ahead. Use websites like hotwire and travelocity to find cheap clean hotels in the area you are looking to stay.

    I have stayed in some very nice hotels at dirt cheap prices by being willing to stay outside of my normal area.

    If you work at it you can find good deals.


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