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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Couponizer® is an organizing and shopping system for coupons and other discounts.This

product is fun to use and will help you save time and money!

Product Features:

The entire 6 piece system includes:

The Couponizer® – 8" x 5¼" booklet with 18 grocery coupon pockets, 4 Non-grocery coupon pockets, 3 gift card/shopper loyalty sleeves, shopping pockets

Shopping List – 20 page tear off list pad with cardboard backing

CoupStacker – Pre-sorting mat color coded to match the system pockets

CoupTracker – 15 page spiral bound list pad with cardboard backing

Scissors – blunt tip

Carrying Bag – clear vinyl zippered bag



Product Benefits:

Enables spending less money at grocery store and other places

Reduce paper clutter associated with coupons

Save time clipping and sorting coupons by category

A fun activity for the whole family

Teaches kids the value of money

Provides a way to track spending to help stay on budget

Compact enough to store in car and carry in purse or diaper bag

Never miss another opportunity to save money and enjoy the brands you love!

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