Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do you save change? We don't carry alot of cash to begin with.But the odd time we will have some change, and have 2 containers . One is loonies and toonies for home renos.We have a sealed box with a slit in it and and have glued the lid shut.Once a year, we open it up and use it towards something we are renovating at the time. This  year it was towards paint and drywall for the hallway.
We also have a container for the mixed stuff-the pennies,nickels, dimes, and quarters.Not alot stays saved in there- it's mostly used for picking up a newspaper or  lotto ticket- the small stuff.

You can save towards anything, but it is good to save towards something. You can have a vase, ice cream pail, etc..and have everyone drop their loose change into it. Once a year dump it, count it, and roll it. Use it for something special. If you have enough for a weekend getaway, great!  Make it a family affair on what you are saving towards- get everyone excited about it.Whatever you choose, you will feel good knowing that you "saved" towards it.

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  1. I love saving our change then cashing it out on a special item or if we're running short on cash. It's fun to see how much we've collected.

    I like the idea of having one with a sealed lid, that would reduce the amount of times we spend ours.


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