Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Although we can't avoid shopping altogether, there is ways we can save more in the stores.

-Shop with a list . If I didn't have a list and were to just" shop" I would definately spend more than if I did have that list.
-Get a rain check. Sometimes the store doesn't have any left of what you went there for, but if you ask for a rain check, you can get that item for the sale price the next time you return.
-Do the rebates that are offered on products or on store pads. Sometimes that savings can earn you a free product.
-Go in and out of the store as quickly as you can- and go alone. The longer your in the store, the more time your going to have to look around at everything else.
-Shop discount, warehouse and liquidation stores
-Woman's Day also has some great ways to spend less and eat better.


  1. It's true about getting out of there quick. I have taken my time on occassion and boy was it expensive. There's a giveaway here if you want to go enter everyone:

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