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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I had meant to write earlier today but things just got hectic.Been busy with trying to get the book "out there".
Everybody seems to want a cut and it really leaves you with very little afterwards.My main goal is to try to get listed with but need a US bank account in order for them to allow me in.Opened one and just waiting to see if I will be approved- so that will be another week delay for all the paperwork as well to come in the mail.
We were suppose to go to the first parents meeting for Erika's grad tonight, but never made it. It's Gerry's birthday tommorow and we all went out for an earlier birthday supper tonight. He had a free $20.99 meal entree coupon and  we all had water and no dessert. The meal for the 4 of us was only $36 plus the tip- so I thought we did good.Especially since we were at a classier restaurant.
Gerry helped Erika work on her Halloween costume tonight as well, so I hope to have pictures for you all soon...she will dress up tommorow for school and her dance tommorow night.Our whole house smells like spray paint though, as the costume was sprayed indoors. What is she going to be? You'll have to wait and see.

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