Mystery Shopping with Insula Research

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mystery Shopping with Insula Research is a great way to supplement your

income! I was contacted via email that a job was available about 1.5 hours

away from me. I replied with a proposal for a specific dollar amount that

covered my time and travel and my proposal was quickly and positively

responded to. Also, I was able to plan the trip that fit right into my

schedule. The scheduler was very supportive and answered all of my

questions. I feel she gave 110% to make sure I was comfortable with the

assignment. She even emailed me a list of web links to check for more work

in Canada. Performing the assignment and the on-line reporting could not

have gone smoother. I was so pleased that I emailed the scheduler stating I

loved doing this type of work and if she had any more to let me know!
Check for shops in your area, and sign up for jobs today!

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