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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are you an every day vacummer? I am ...especially since we have a dog- and I am a bit of an over tidier Erika tells me. She says: "Mom, your always cleaning".
We broke down this past weekend and bought a new vacumm. I knew mine was falling apart and my daughter bugged me about having to push it with two hands at times, because it was always seeming to get stuck in the rug. Gerry tried cleaning it up from underneath and greasing it too-and it was fine for a bit.
Part of the plastic where you tie the cord up to was broken too and a few times I had sliced my hand on it's sharp edge.I suppose it was time for a new one.
I feel like a kid with a new toy though.It glides  across the carpet and I love it!
We got this one on sale at Canadian Tire for $99- a Bissell-and we also got a $10 gift card for spending over $50 that day.

Gerry's going to keep the old one - he said he may be able to revamp it into more of an outdoor vacumm for the vehicles. Less to move around than the shop vac we have that is awkward and heavy.

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  1. A few years back my in-laws bought us a Roomba. They work fabulously for everyday tidying up, instead of vaccuuming daily. We sort of use it as an in between vaccuuming vaccuum. iRobot has a great return policy also. We use it so much, that eventually it loses its mind, so we are now on our third Roomba, and we have only had to pay for one of them on our own (not counting the one we received as a gift).


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