Saving Money This Halloween and Having Fun

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My girls are older now, 17 and 23, so I don't have to worry about taking them trick or treating, or Halloween costume buying.When they were little, I used to save Ria's costumes and then as Erika grew, she would wear them. My mom used to at times, buy them costumes that were hand made, that fit over their jackets and attached at the shoulder with velcrow: example: a pumpkin costume, and a bee costume, both with little hats. Halloween is cold here- most times we have snow, so the kids need to keep warm.
I saved their costumes for years, and kept them in bags in the closet. During the year, they would have friends over and play dress up.Once my sister had kids, she often would use them as well, so they were well used.Costumes can be a big expense so trade with other family members, make your own, shop thrift stores for ideas,go shopping for next year's costume the day after Halloween. There are big savings on costumes, candies and decorations.
Reuse all decorations from last year, or if you do buy new: buy during the after Halloween sales of 75% off.
Instead of buying pumpkins, plant your own- all you need are a few seeds.
Watch grocery store ads for deals on Halloween candy- and buy a little bit everytime until Halloween.
Shop the Dollar Stores for Halloween candies, trinkets and treat bags. Sometimes it is cheaper to make up small candy bags than to buy chocolate bars.
Play some Halloween tunes inside or outdoors for a more Halloween type effect. One year there was a house that was playing : "The Monster Mash" outdoors- it played on repeat and could be heard for blocks. I thought that was neat.
What are some ways you save money at Halloween?

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