Savings 6 Ways on Your Airfare

Thursday, October 8, 2009

If you are planning on a Winter vacation or perhaps time at the family's for Thanksgiving, keep in mind some ways to save with your airfare:
( I used to sell travel).

1.Book your flight early.Don't wait till the last minute. Although there are last minute flight deals, they may not be to where you are travelling to.If you want to base your holiday on where the best airfare rates are to, then this WILL work for you by waiting till the last minute. However, if you have a set place in mind,it's best to plan ahead. Airlines will have x amount of  seats assigned that will get a better rate than others- and once those are gone, then you pay a higher rate.

2.Don't fly during the holidays. If you can help it.These times are generally overpriced as the airlines know people will be travelling then to see family.

3.Check prices on a daily basis. I'm not sure why the airlines constantly change their prices- but they do.When I was selling travel, and I'd find a good rate, it was hard to convince the client to lock in a rate we got and commit to  the price now, with a deposit. The airlines can and will change prices day to day if they wish.

4.Compare prices for different airports. If you can fly into or out of a variety of airports, and just have a different driving range to contend to, it may be worth your while to check the rates of flying out of X airport as opposed to flying out of Y airport.The same goes for dates. If you can fly out on Thursday and that's cheaper, go with Thursday!

5. Compare fares. A good site to try this with is Kayak. You can compare many fares at one time.

Unfortunately, I won't be flying anywhere this winter unless I win a trip! We've used the bigger portion of our vacation money all up for this year, and will have to wait till Gerry's company bonus next year.In which time, Erika has asked to Disneyworld.She has been there a few times before but was too young to remember too much.Now she wants to go for her 18th birthday.( I have over the years won a trip there twice-yes, I know, lucky me!)

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