The Facebook Bargain Frenzy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

There’re ads for bargains everywhere you turn - TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, buses and the internet is no exception. As soon as websites gains any kind of popularity you can count on pop-ups, banners and text based ads trying to sell you something, and Facebook is no different. From a way for Harvard university students to stay in touch to 100 million active users – it’s a gold mine for advertisers and a bargain bin for savvy shoppers. There are bargains for the picking all over Facebook, if you just know where to look….

Click On An Ad

Duh! Facebook advertisers can pinpoint their target market by using your profile information. You’ll notice this once you go from being “single” to being “engaged” –that’s when you’ll be inundated with wedding advertising. If you list your kids, you’ll get a stack of family friendly ads. This specific, targeted advertising does something that broadcast or print ads never could do – it knows what you want and where you can get it! Take LivingSocial, click on this ad, and you’ll get a deal on an event, restaurant and other services at massively discounted rates in your area. So if you’re in Cleveland, Ohio, you might be offered a manicure, pedicure and blow dry at Lavish Colour Salon for $40 – that’s 50 % off the regular price. In London? Spend £20 and get £40 worth of food and drink at Marco Pierre Restaurants.

Become A Facebook Fan Of Your Favourite Retailer

There’s nothing like word of mouth…and on Facebook that’s your number of fans or “likes” for your Facebook page. Here are some of the best:

Kohl’s – sign up and you’ll get some great discounts. Kohl’s once offered five hours to receive 15% off all online purchases.

Gymboree – the kids and baby clothing store has been known to announce awesome deals on their Facebook page. For example, just before Christmas, they announce 30% off orders over $100 and free shipping.

Old Navy – Old Navy is another Facebook page worth joining for their specials and promo codes posted on their wall. Take note of the code to get the discount in store.

Before making any purchase, check the Facebook fan page, you might just save a bundle!

Join A Networking Group

Looking for cheap baby products? Join a Work at Home Mom group and browse their products – they’re on Facebook to network and build their businesses through mutual support – so their best deals will be in their network group. Fashion importers, vintage car restorers, boutique wine producers – if you want it, there is probably an industry group networking on Facebook.

Best of all – get it free!

Facebook fan pages have become a great place to drive customers to retailer’s sites and the best way to get you to like their page is to run competitions or to offer you something completely free. Ipods, Ipads, family photo shoots, software, jewelry, fragrances, just about everything - is offered up daily for new “likers”. Spend a little time searching for “free stuff” and see what you find!

These are just a few ways of making the most of Facebook bargain hunting. Try typing your favourite retailer or product into the search field. If they’ve got a page, like it and see how much money you can save.

And happy shopping!

About the Author: Susan Long is a Facebook shopaholic with a free Ipad to prove her dedication! Get Susan’s advice on bargain car rental at Vroom!

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