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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

With the launch of the new iPhone 4, we’ve begun to see a new consumer emerging. One who, while willing to fork over a large amount of cash for Apple’s latest and greatest new iPhone, is still being frugal and getting creative with new ways to repair their precious electronics. With the economic downturn we’ve all been facing lately, it’s no wonder that new online companies are popping up everywhere with ways to help you with Do It Yourself repairs, selling you parts and offering their expert iPhone repair services and other high tech gadgets solutions.

Apple products are dominating the repair services and features being offered online, with Blackberry having a strong presence as well. One of the most active services deals with iPhone screen repair and the many varieties of issues that can come with it. For example, a DIY screen repair for the iPhone 3G can be done for under $40. With the 3Gs it can cost under $60. This is a great bargain compared to buying a new phone of a similar model for over $500. It should be noted though that unless you are savvy and know how to go about DIY repairs, a faulty repair can quickly make things much worse.

For the new iPhone 4 there is no cheap way to go about it. The glass and the LCD are glued together, so if the glass breaks the LCD goes with it. Because the LCD part alone costs over $100, a DIY repair and the service can a hefty sum. Of course, compare it to the price of a new iPhone 4 and it's no comparison.

Similar services are offered for basically all other Apple products along with other computers, cell phones, appliances and gaming systems. When you consider a repair can double, triple and even quadruple the life-span of your favorite toy, it's easy to see how repairs can help curb the amount of toxic waste in our landfills. Electronic waste currently makes up over 70% of all toxic waste while only 2% of total compacity. Many of these repair shops are also more than happy to buy your broken gadget or organize are reduced priced swap in working/non working products.

Finally, if your electronic device is not worth anything (not repairable) than find a local ewaste center to insure it is recycled correctly. As a whole, if we can all treat our electronics, no matter how old they are, with value than money will be saved and the world will be a better place.


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