Sunday-August 29

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've added a new "tag" to the blog called About Us. I have older posts that I eventually want get catagorized to place them in this catagory, but this will be the place to read any updates on us, as a family.
  Today,I made some carrot muffins again.

I like this recipe from since it requires little ingrediants.Although you may want to double it,( which is what I should have done) as only makes 6 muffins. I was using up some carrots that we bought for .99 for a bag, for a roast I put into the slow cooker today.I also used the ends and peelings of the carrots to feed our 4 guinea pigs.
Today's muffin making got me thinking of blueberry muffins. We had alot that Gerry had used to make jam this summer, and when my niece had asked if I wanted more, ( as she picks them and sells them to me), I said I had enough. Now I wish I would have said yes. The wild blueberries my sister said are all dried up now. We had some bushes we planted in the yard but they didn't come up..may have been too late in the year. They were from a review I had gotten to try them out. Gerry said they may come up next year but we are thinking of going to dig up some wild plants for our yard later.
**** Update- we went and got the trees and have planted them:

                   We ordered a roll of a "stone look" wallpaper from Sears, for our archway in the living room that Gerry built, for the inside of the living room side, so will have photos once that comes in, after Sept 22 I am told.Cost: $30

                    Gerry has moved things around in the back yard again, changing the area where our gate was before, as one of the sheds had water run off of the roof that was creating a skating rink by the back gate, when it froze. We take the garbage out to the back that way, so that wasn't good for anyone going back that way.Problem fixed and no money out of pocket.

Ria will be done at the petting zoo, ( which she is manager of), in the next 2 days, and soon all the animals will be going back to the farms that they came from.She always does a great job of running that place.
Erika will be starting her accounting in Calgary on the 7th of September for first classes.

Off to make lunch- salmon and egg salad sandwiches. Just pulled the last of my green onions yesterday from the garden, so that will go into some sandwiches.Didn't have many, but will plant more next year I think, as well as start more of my planting indoors, so that it gets a good start.Pulled the last of green leaf lettuce too- it didn't look the greatest this year and used alot of it to feed the guinea pigs.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Dropping by to say that I am a new follower. The Knit Whit by Shair blogged about your site and what she won here, so here I am! I like the look or your site. Blessings!

  2. I too am a guinea pig lover so I laughed when I read that you had four. We started off with two and one died in less than two we have had Spike for almost 7.5 years...he is never ending hee hee

    enjoy the posts and the house updates.

  3. Yeah- we have had one about that long too- and they were the girls.. now they don't live at home and I'm stuck with them.But I still love 'em.


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