Time To Renovate-The Living Room

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Well, I'm getting tired of my living really is outdated,( and mom I know you'll say yours is more outdated with your panelled walls-lol), but we want a new look. We couldn't possibly afford a full blown reno but are prepared to make small, subtle changes, till we get to where we want to be.
Most of the trailer is in blue and pink- (a 1989 model), and we have been fixing up in earth tones.We have redone our bedroom, bathroom, hallway and laundry room since I moved in 4 years ago. Gerry does all his own work so that saves alot.
We will do what we can with the renos as money sees fit, so it may be a slow go.
We have bought a new blind in white,replacing the blue one in the living room.Sears isn't cheap either-but living in a small town, we're limited to where we can shop from.
We took out a liquor cabinet we had in part of the living room/kitchen .We aren't drinkers so have downsized on the glasses and everything else that was in there. The cupboard was cut down to size and Gerry is using it for storage in his shop,( it is pictured on the far right of the second picture, and was orginally attached to the counter top you see in the first picture).
We're planning on partioning off the living room from the kitchen with an archway. I'd like the living room to be more closed off than an open concept with the kitchen. Gerry will pick up the lumber at some point ..guess when he's got some plan drawn up. After we get that done, I will post an update- stay tuned.
Anyone else live in a mobile home?



  1. I can't wait to see what you do! We don't live in a mobile home, but our layout looks a lot like yours - the same open concept with the kitchen and living room/family room.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Yes,we got our new blind up today- second photo, right hand side. Now it's white instead of a blue one.

  3. Renovations, renovations, renovations I just love them. I do small changes in my home all the time.


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