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Friday, August 13, 2010

Does your local office store carry pencil cases? Probably. Do they have a variety of colors? Maybe. Do they have more than five different styles? Not Likely. Are these pencil cases fun and exciting? Definitely not. These few bland, limiting designs that you constantly see at your local office store don’t allow you to express your style or, more importantly, your personality and individuality. ? brings you just the opposite, with our hundreds of different styles and colors that we have to offer.

They carry a huge selection of pencil cases, pencil pouches, and boxes that allow you to show who you are. You express your personality through clothing, which you wear everyday. Why not with your pencil case? Pencil case can be used as an accessory to the clothes you wear and the things you represent everyday. The many different categories describing the products they carry include youth, chic, sporty, humorous, shoe craze, Asian contemporary, and even animal pencil pouches. Adolescents currently represent 33% of our global population, and is allowing each and every one of them to express their creativity and styles through these individualized products. Organization and uniqueness come together in one simple item!


Cool Pencil are a 100% online business and they import products from around the globe. is also active on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr, and Flickr, and they also ship internationally. Large chain stores may have many office supplies, but few selections in each individual product. has 100’s of different styles and varieties in pencil cases to fit each and every one’s persona.

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