Scan Right Policy-Pay Attention at the Till

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The $3.98 strawberries I got free yesterday. Price was suppose to be $3.48.
If you aren't watching the items being rung through at the till or checking your grocery store for incorrectly rung in items, you may be losing out.
Most of stores in the areas are pretty good, but we have one supermarket that you really have to watch.
Of course, it's better to watch as they scan, and know your prices, so you can correct them when they do make a mistake.
The Scan Right Policy simply allows you to get that item for free if it is scanned incorrectly.
Of course if you buy two of that same item, you only get one free-darn.
I must say, I do like it when they make a mistake though.

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  1. Michigan has a overcharge law that gives you 10times the amount of overcharge up to 5 dollars. But I have found most of the stores will fight you about it. My local meijers for awhile was giving store credit instead of money. I know that isn't legal.


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