What's Your Take On Dollar Store Grub?

Monday, August 23, 2010

What's you take on Dollar Store grub?
I have always promoted the thought of paying less for products, and the Dollar Stores are great places to find cheap food, but what is the quality of the food you are getting?
I have noticed by reading labels, ( I became more of a label reader once I started having more digestive problems),that alot of the products from these stores are made in other countries. Do we know the standards of safe food production in other countries?No, probably not. Do we eat anything because it's "cheaper?"
Perhaps buying generic would be a better option. Cheaper, but made here at home.
We've changed our way of thinking in this house. If it's not made in Canada or the USA, we don't buy it.
Of course Dollar Stores are still a great place to get anything else you need- for a buck.
It's great to save money but always remember, everything is a 2 sided coin.
I welcome your opinions.


  1. I love the dollar store but I won't eat anything from there. I don't even walk down the food aisle!. Like you, I don't trust the food safety standards from other countries. Even when they have things that are made in North America I question how and why the dollar store got them.

  2. How true.
    I think I feel that way because we had bought things a few times from dollar stores. The taste may have been not what we were used to, flipped the package and see it's from another country.So yes, I may be frugal but not that frugal.

  3. I don't buy dollar store food ,except ordinary chocolate bars, simply because it is so cheap. If it's that cheap, I figure it can't be good quality or must have cut corners somewhere. Besides, their food can be old, expired, or not kept at the correct temperature.


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