Swap and Play Day

Sunday, August 15, 2010

If the kids are asking for new toys and new toys really aren't in the budget, perhaps you and a few friends can organize a "swap and play day" for the kids.
You would gather toys and games you know your kids don't have a problem with letting go. (You wouldn't want to set them out for the swap and they change their minds when they see little Billy Joe is taking a liking to their dump truck ).
Decide with a few moms who's place will hold the Swap and Play Day.
On the day of or day before, all items will be dropped off at the location of the swap.Set out, and the kids can choose what they like. Perhaps allow them 5-10 items each- depending on the  amount of kids and the amount of things you have set out.
Fun for all- moms can visit and kids get "new to them" toys and games.
You can also do this with clothing as well.
Perhaps have a "mom" table as well.
No money to be exchanged.

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