Frugal Ideas for Giving Your Home a Makeover

Monday, August 23, 2010

When you have become bored with same old interior of your home, but the budget contains no extra money for frivolous purchases, it is time to consider frugal ways to stretch your decorating dollars. Change can be achieved without emptying the family safe if you use a little ingenuity and planning. Small ideas sometimes make the biggest difference. Some of the following suggestions may spark your creativity and help you give your house a new face even when funds are limited:

• Check the attic for old trunks which can be covered with bright table cloths and used as coffee or end tables.

• Enlarge favorite photographs and vacation scenes at a photo center and frame to accent walls.

• Dry seasonal flowers or use fresh flowers from the garden and display in cheap vases adorned with bright ribbons.

• Use a hot glue gun to attach tassels or rows of bead to old lamp shades.

• Transform old furniture, such as overstuffed couches and chairs, with new slipcovers in stylish fabrics.

• Change out the fan chains and cabinet pulls and drawer handles.

• Cut out whimsical images from free wall paper sample books and use to appliqué the walls of a child’s room.

• Use bright towels or mismatched sheets to sew new curtains for windows.

Whilst making good use of items you already own is a great idea, sometimes it is necessary to acquire a new piece of furniture. However, rather than buying brand new, you can save a lot of money by checking out secondhand furniture at garage sales, junk shops or on Craig’s List or the Freecycle website. It often doesn’t matter if a item isn’t quite to your taste, as there are easy ways to give old furniture a makeover. For example, wooden coffee tables or bookshelves can be rejuvenated with a lick of paint, and couch slipcovers are great for giving old-fashioned sofas an updated look.

To make a real impact on the appearance of a room, most people find that an extra splash of color also works very well. Ask friends and relatives if they have small amounts of paint left over from a larger project. Use these colors to paint accent walls or stencil patterns on cabinet doors.

Another great idea is to use discontinued or leftover ceramic art tiles in creative ways. Some of the following ideas for using tiles may be helpful:

• Create a small border around the tub or sink.

• Build a backsplash behind the kitchen stove.

• Place one individual ceramic art tile in the center of each cabinet door.

• Frame the fireplace with a single or double row of tiles all the way around.

Scraps of fabric also come in handy when you are trying to effect changes in your home’s décor. They can be used to make curtains for smaller windows or sewn together in various patterns to make table cloths and runners. If you have plenty of scraps or old clothing that can be cut into scraps, you can make rag rugs by following the directions given online. These are so attractive when used on wooden floors.

Why spend a fortune on a home makeover when these changes can be just as satisfying? In addition to reflecting your personality in your décor, when you actually do the work yourself, your friends and neighbors will be even more impressed with the results. You may actually inspire them to make a few decorative changes as well.

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