Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 1 in Scottsdale

Since Gerry is gone to his Investment and Recovery Navigation check in, for about half hour , I thought I would write a bit about our day so far.
Well, first of all, it got to 84 degrees today and so, so nice to be in the sun, see a blue sky, and get away from an endless winter back home.

The view below is from our deck- sliding patio doors look out onto a tennis/basketball court.

We stopped at one of the local supermarkets this morning to pick up a few things and to use up some of my U.S coupons and FREE product coupons I had been holding on to. 

Saw Camelback Mountain along the way.

Then Gerry had to come back to the hotel and register for his conference that starts tomorrow and then it was off to lunch which we decided on eating at in one local food court.

Supper was suppose to be a review of The Hard Rock Cafe's new menu, in Phoenix, but we've run into car troubles. Sort of. The cigarette lighter is not working in the car- and we cannot get our way around with it, so have had to call someone from the car rental to come out and bring us a new car. So that is going to change plans for that for tonight, as they say it will be 1-2 hours before we get the new car.

Earlier in the day we did go to one local spa to have our nails manicured with a gift certificate we had, so that was nice. It's the only time Gerry gets his done, when he goes out of town-LOL

Also stopped in at Planet Beach Spa in Scottsdale.

We had gone to the one in Calgary before and was quite happy to come check out the one here in Scottsdale. Gerry had tried the Cyber-Relax Massage chair but didn't think to adjust the settings once the girl had left the room. Said the intensity at times on parts of his back was too rough. However I did tell him, "that's why they give you the remote Gerry, so you can adjust that while in the chair yourself." Gee, guess I had to be there for him-lol

I was in the Aqua Massage and enjoyed it. 

I could remain fully clothed and adjust the intensity of the pulse and the pressure. One thing I would have liked though, was for the water in it to feel warmer. I felt it was on the cooler side and like a feel more of warmth on my body when in for a massage. We did still enjoy the experience and for anyone not having visited a Planet Beach Spa, to definitely go see what it's all about.


Walt Disney World Resort- Orlando, Florida

On our upcoming vacation to Orlando Florida, we will be once again visiting Walt Disney World Resort. After all, what is a trip to Florida without stopping by Disney World?

Walt Disney World Resort consists of 4 main parks- Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot as well as two water parks. We have never been to Epcot before so it will be the main stop of our visit, but Disney Novices should make note that you can see all parks in one day if you buy a park hopper pass, otherwise you usually stick to the one park per day.

Since we only have a one day pass, our park of choice in this visit, is Epcot. It is built to celebrate human achievement in technology as well as culture. It is divided into two main areas- Future World and World Showcase. The World Showcase includes pavilions for select countries in the world, including Canada, so this will be nice to see. The World Showcase, also features pavilions celebrating technology and science. Who needs a time machine when Disney can take you to the future with just the price of admission? 

Since we love animals though as well we are hoping to be able to have time to split our day and head over to the Animal Kingdom- but we'll have to see.

We are very excited for our return visit to Disney, and we are pretty sure that it will not be our last.