Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday- April 9th- Scottsdale

Gerry  taking a nap so a good time with no tv or interruptions to tell you about our outings for today.Gerry spent the morning at the conference so that's what he did, while I stayed in the room, doing the usual.He's all done now, so tomorrow is a free day, then start our trip back on Friday.

We went to check out Camelback Mountain today- or at least drove a bit closer to it than what we had been seeing from a distance before. There are homes on the mountain and as well seems like fancier homes leading to the mountain in Paradise Valley.

Did some souvenir shopping in Old Town Scottsdale, but was hoping to find more novelty type souvenirs and didn't. It really seemed very limited for your usual fridge magnets, key chains, etc., that said Scottsdale on them. Alot of jewelry shops, and galleries though.

We also spent some time at Butterfly Wonderland which also includes the Mirror Maze and Lazer Maze.This was a cool place. I was interested in seeing the live ant colony while here but unfortunately that display was closed as it may been being renovated. The sign said the ants were on holidays though- cute! We loved the beginning of our tour there where we saw the 14 minute long 3D movie of the Flight of the Butterflies. And as well took other exhibits there that included honeybees, the butterfly emergence gallery, stingray petting pool and the Conservatory- where there was thousands of beautiful butterflies flying around.

Once done there we moved over to the Mirror Maze, which was so confusing, that I wasn't sure we were going to get out! Gerry to the rescue did find our way out though.

We bypassed the Laser Maze though. My leg still was a bit sore from my out patient work I had done the other day so didn't want to do anything to bother it further. I may add that all these three attractions are housed in one building.

We had a good day. Got back to the room early and just vegging. Warm today- was about 34 degrees at last check.


Our Day Yesterday

Didn't do alot yesterday.Gerry was at his conference for most of the day. Came back to the room and we had some leftovers from lunch the other day. (Nice having the fridge and microwave in the room).
After lunch he drove me to my appt. at the medical clinic where I had some veins treated in one of my legs.

Today I could take of the compression hose and was quite impressed with minimal bruising, but they do feel itchy in spots. I do have a greater underlying problem that will need more extensive work on the veins- but would need endovenous laser therapy. Perhaps though another time- as it is more costly than getting the foam sclerotherapy I had done. 

Gerry and I looked for some souvenir shops yesterday and couldn't find anything, so went back to the casino I had won my big win at, to try my luck again. No luck. Yes, it's a small weakness- I won't be going back though this trip- so please feel free to yell at me. My "kids" already have! LOL

Our visit here in Scottsdale has been nice though- very friendly people here and although fair sized, not too "cityish".

Phoenix is about 20-25 minutes away, and more busier there, getting into the freeways and the faster pace of moving.

We'll be heading there today to take advantage of some attractions...

Talk to you all later.