Monday, September 13, 2010

6 Ways to Save on Cruising

Cruises are not only the easiest way to see the world but they also offer more value for the dollar than any other international vacation option.

Where else can you unpack once and wake up every morning in a fascinating new port? And where else can you spend as little as $50 per person, per day, and receive comfortable accommodations with twice-daily maid service, 3+ meals, and a full slate of shipboard activities and nightly entertainment?

1. The best way to save on a cruise is to find a port close by so you do not need airfare.

2.There are so many cheap cruises available anyone can cruise for a week for the same or less than you would spend going on a land vacation.

3.Go on a shorter cruise- search for 3-4 day cruises.

4.Look for specials that include airfare for those who do not live near a port.

5.There are a lot of 2 for 1 offers as well as 50% off 2nd passanger.Look for these offers.

6.Book a group of people. You can earn a free cruise fare sometimes- be sure to check with the cruise lines if booking directly through them.
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Meagan said...

good tips

Monique said...

Thanks-always trying to save money.

sunnymum said...

Good ideas. My husband is always pushing for us to go on a cruise...maybe we could actually make it a reality.

Monique said...

Yes, they ARE good tips- I'll have to use them as well when I cruise. We opted out of a cruise for Gerry's birthday and going back to Vegas instead...waiting on some cheap airfare first- hopefully it comes along.

gina said...

Nice! With 6 in our family - it's hard to go away for vacation without breaking the bank!!

Do you know if you need a passport to cruise? Probably right?

Monique said...

You do not need a passport as long as the cruise comes back to the same place it left from. However if you get left at a port or get in trouble out of the US and the ship leaves without you - it will be really hard to get back to the US. So I recommend everyone gets a passport.

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