Las Vegas-Update on Savings

Thursday, September 23, 2010

We will be in Saskatoon, Sask on October 29, for my doctor appt, the day before we fly out to Vegas and area, and gone till November 6/7.
Was able to book an overnight hotel stay today for free, using Gerry's Areoplan points.
Also, plan on using my Scotiabank Scene card for a free night at the movies while overnighting in the city. We don't have a movie theatre here,( just the drive in),so collect points when using our debit cards and use the free points when we go out of town, to enjoy the movies.
Also was able to send for a  $50 Red Lobster gift card with points I have on my Wyndhman Rewards card.
Will keep you updated on savings towards our getaway.
Have some points cards I still have to go through, but planning on using our Petro Canada points card as well for gas to get to Saskatoon- we've been saving for a while and I know we have enough points to use towards gas as well.
Saskatoon, Sask is a 6 hour drive south of where I live.It's the city we have to fly out from.
Stay tuned....for updates.

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