Review- New Tide with Acti-Lift

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When I first pick up a laundry soap I open the lid and take a sniff...don't you?
I recieved from Tide, their Acti-Lift  Mountain Spring aroma. First thing I do? Open the lid and sniff- then Gerry sniffs. Says: "wow- that smells nice enough to take a bath with". I said: " yeah- it sure does."
But Tide is also well known for getting clothes clean. Some people will use no other brands but Tide.I have tried many brands but I will say Tide does get my clothes cleaner and brighter and now Tide with Acti-Lift gets stains out much better than before.

Tide with Acti-Lift technology consists of cleaning ingredients that help lift stubborn stains:  

Cleaning enzyme—helps provide deep cleaning of fibers so stains lift off easily.

Cleaning polymer—designed to boost Tide’s already great cleaning abilities to help break-up dry stains and lift them from fabrics.

Whiteness booster—helps to give a great whitning result—even in just one wash.


  1. We have used Tide for years. I have been trying other brands lately. We have a front load washer now so need the HE style liquid. Does this variety come in HE?

    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

  2. Not sure on that could always Google it...


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