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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finding dating ideas are, at times, work in itself, and finding unique dating ideas that you and your partner can do, and not demolish your entire entertainment budget for the month in one shot, are even more of a chore. Or are they? There are so many great ideas out there just waiting to be discovered. All you have to do is use your imagination and have a sense of adventure. Sure you might strike out once in a while and not have fun trying something new, but most times people I've talked to are pleasantly surprised when they have been adventurous and taken a chance on trying something they've never done before.

It's all about how you approach the date and your time together. Be up for anything and, most importantly, keep in mind why you are there - to spend time with your partner and have fun together. If you are in the right frame of mind and determined to have fun no matter what than you can never have a bad time. Thinking out of the box is important when trying to think up unique ideas for your dates. Give these ideas a go the next time you are stuck. They are romantic and, who knows, you may actually learn a thing or two in the process!

Go to a foreign movie matinee. You may not consider yourself a foreign movie person but believe me there is some fantastic cinema overseas. Great foreign movies like La Vita e Bella(Life is Beautiful) or Amelie have proven that the movie doesn't have to be from Hollywood in order to move and entertain. Foreign movies have a different style to the way they are shot and a certain flavor to their cinematography which makes them artistic and a pleasure to sit through. And if romance is what you are looking for than hearing Italian or French on the big screen is the thing for you.

Most foreign films are not usually screened at the local movie theater. You tend to find them at smaller theaters specializing in independent or foreign films. This makes them perfect for a one income budget because they usually charge less per entrance. Now, if you take your partner to a matinee you are really saving the dollars and stretching that budget because matinees are cheaper than going in the evening. Plus, matinees are a great twist on the usual movie night routine. If you are so inclined, take your partner for a cup of coffee after the film at a quaint little European style coffee house and relive the romance by pretending you are in Italy or France enjoying a tasty cappuccino or latte. Have fun with it!

Another great cultural activity that will save you some money but not skimp on romance is going to an art exhibit at your local cultural center. There are always tons of local artist always putting on exhibits and showcasing their work for a minimal cost to the amateur art connoisseur. Find something you and your partner might be interested in and spend the evening strolling through the art with them on your arm. Enjoy the art, culture, and each other. If the mood should strike, afterwards go and enjoy a glass of wine with your partner, either at nice little restaurant or at home.

Don't allow the desire to save a dollar or two in these tough economic times to put a damper on your romance. Think out of the box and try some things you maybe thought you would never be interested in. They do not need to be expensive and actually quite the opposite is true. There are great ways to come in under budget and still have a romantic, intimate time with your partner. Who knows, you may find something you enjoy and even become a little bit more cultured in the process. That's really not a bad thing! There are plenty of really great things out there just waiting for you to discover. A great foreign film or perhaps a love for art or a fascination with sculpting. When you get out and try new things, even with a budget, great things happen.

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