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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are there any certain topics on saving money you would like to read more about? We have guest writers that often ask us what content we would like to have, and at times we are stumped as we don't really know what our readers want to learn more about. So if there are any frugal topics you would like to read more about, please add them to the comments section and we will do our best to get some articles for you.
Perhaps you feel your spending too much on groceries and want to learn how to cut back more.
Maybe you spent way too much last year on your winter heating bill and would like to cut back this year.
Whatever it may be, we'd like to know- and do our best to help.

-P.S - Don't forget our archives have a ton of useful posts if you are new to this site.



  1. how to save money when your husbands income is being garnished by his factory and what food to buy when you have no food stamps and having a hard time taking care of your 2 kids and husband and yourself, who is a stay at home mommy

  2. I am sorry to hear things are that rough for you right now.
    Do you have family that can help you out?
    I will try to see if we can get more food articles for you.
    In the meantime,one good site for eating on less is Living on a Dime:
    Also check out any of our archived articles.
    Buy clearance, reduced,dollar stores for paper products and cleaners.

  3. Another great site:

  4. Great idea.We want, "how save our money in expensive term?"

  5. Not sure what you mean here how to save money in expensive term? Please explain.


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