Stretching the One Income Dollar - Inexpensive Activities for Couples

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It takes ingenuity and creativity to make a dollar go farther these days especially if that dollar stands alone. Stretching the one income dollar is a necessity for many and an art form that needs recognition. Whether you are a single mom or dad, a senior on a pension, or a college student fresh out of school and looking for their first job. Bills add up and incomes stay the same. Finding inexpensive ways to do things is sometimes a necessity but if you let look at it in the right light it can be flat out fun! Just because you and your partner don't have a lot of money to spend doesn't mean you can't do things. There are a lot of great dates or activities you can do that don't cost much and yet are a ton of fun. Here are several you can give a try to see if they suit you.

The Flea Market: Get yourselves out enjoying the last few days of summer and go and visit a local flea market. They are an experience in the unknown because you never know what great ideas or little trinkets you might find, and most importantly they are usually free. Walk through the stalls and make it an adventure. Even make it a little competition between you and your partner to see who can find the most interesting or outrageous gadget. After that, go your separate ways and make it your mission to find a unique gift for each other. Set a budget of "X" dollars and embark on the mission to finding a really great inexpensive gift. Don't show it to each other right away; take your gifts home, open a bottle of wine, have a nice romantic drink together, and then present your findings to each other. It's a great inexpensive way to get the romance ball rolling.

The Farmer's Market: Another very inexpensive activity you can do with your partner which can be turned into romantic time together is walking through the local farmer's market. Walking through the farmer's market or flee market with your partner is a relaxed and romantic activity that will get you both out in the fresh air enjoying each other's company. Take your partner by the hand or put your arm around them and buy some of the local farmer's fresh products. Head home and make a wonderfully tasty and fresh meal for your partner. Nothing quite tastes as good as a great meal made with fresh and organically grown local ingredients; it just puts you in the mood for love!

Play Your Favorite Board Games: The next inexpensive activity you might consider to do with your partner is to take out your favorite board game and spend the afternoon or evening sitting around in the comfort of your own home, relaxing, and laughing with your partner. It's all about the time together and the ability to make it inexpensive not what you are doing. Keep the television off for once and break routine by really getting back in touch with one another. Get back to the basics and roots of what helps make relationships strong; have fun and laugh together.

Help stretch your one income dollar but not sacrifice your relationship, romance, or intimacy. Find ways to spend time with you partner which are free and will get you out with each other like the flea market or the farmer's market. Stroll through the stalls or up and down the aisles holding one another and enjoying your surroundings. Even think up little games to make the time more exciting and fun if that's what you want. If you feel more like staying at home and spending time in than pull out your favorite board game and spend the afternoon enjoying each other's company that way. No matter how you look at it, these ideas and activities will save you money and improve your relationship!

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