Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time To Renovate-The Living Room-Update

Wanted to share with you all some pictures I've taken with things going on around our place lately..( most of Gerry's handiwork.) The living room renos continue. Here we got our wallpaper in but ran short-grrr.
Had to order another roll to finish off the top - and may use some of that roll for the bottom half as well.
Unfortunately, it's on a bit of a back order from Sears, so we won't get it till mid October...but will post again when we get more done.
Wanted to do some drywalling and painting. We have a brown shade picked out.Once we make a sale on a few things we are selling, we will be able to pick those materials up.

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Ms Hen said...

I LUV the wall paper.. !!!!

I watched all the V show on I caught on to your Slogan..'Always in Friendship'.. is that where you got it from??? ..or they get it from you.. lol.

Monique said...

Thanks... it's just too bad we ran short.. I hate having to pay more for a new roll.
Always in Friendship slogan is just my own...

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