Wednesday-September 1

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's hard to believe it's September 1st already.The temperatures have already dropped quite a bit here, and I have had to resort to cutting my furnace in to the take some chill out of the trailer.Sometimes it feels cooler in here than it does outside.
I still am able to dry clothes outside though, but we begun having more rain, and it is quite dewy in the mornings.
Still have the potatoes in the garden, that I want to leave longer so they get bigger, but I know Gerry is anxious to re-do that end of the yard so we'll see.
Has anyone else had to cut their furnace in?
My sister is getting a new furnace installed in her place, but she is in housing, so it's not really hers, but I told her a new furnace should help lower her bills if it's more efficient.
I'm always cold though- trust me, I have the sweater and slippers on..but I just don't have no heat in me. Started putting the heat pad in the bed last night, and may put the flannel sheets on the bed this weekend.

We've been accumulating more "stuff" for the next garage sale already- the family has been passing up what they no longer want, and we store it here.

The petting zoo where my older daughter works at from May- September, has closed for the season- a bit earlier this year, and all the animals are going back to their original homes, so she's been busy with that. She will be going to her next "zoo" job soon-the daycare, where she works from Fall till Spring.
Erika starts her accounting course-first year,in Calgary,( 10 hours from here), on the 7th.
Will be coming home for Thanksgiving though- which in Canada is in October, so will be nice to have her home for a visit.

Do hope all is well with all my readers.



  1. Ah, yes; the chill has been taking over more an' more of the space. We haven't had to feed the stove, yet, but it isn't far away.

    ~ Yaya

  2. Running furnace for the second day.Guess one can't avoid it forever.


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